Two Reasons to Visit Two Hands

Two (or More) Reasons to Visit Two Hands Coffee in Austin

I get super excited when new coffee shops open near me, and I was especially anticipating this one two months ago because it was one of the first businesses to open in Rock Rose of the Domain, and prior to Two Hands, the only coffee available at the Domain was Starbucks.

I could come up with a hefty list of reasons to come here – social events on Thursdays with live music, open layout and giant glass windows, comfortable and volume of seating, farm-to-table business model, etc…but I’ve narrowed it down to two core reasons why you should visit Two Hands Coffee.


Reason #1: Really good coffee.

Two Hands’ coffee is good. Not just the taste, but the quality, presentation, impact on the environment, and support for the community. They import organic Nicaraguan coffee, and a percentage of your contribution to Two Hands’ business goes directly to those who farmed the beans.


Reason #2: A Positive Experience, Every Time

To me, food & drink is about the experience, beyond just the product. When it comes to coffee, sure, I prefer to drink something really outstanding (which is why I avoid Starbucks), but I would much rather visit a spot that is welcoming and inviting over somewhere that just serves the best drink.

During my first couple of visits to Two Hands, the owner made a point to thank me for visiting and to ask for any feedback or improvements he could make. This kind of first impression really proves the dedication Two Hands makes to reach out to its customers and give them a positive experience. Unlike most coffee shops, they bring your order to you, rather than leaving it at the bar – yet another little feature that contributes to their overall quality service.

Beyond that, the atmosphere inside Two Hands always consists of a wide, clean layout, filled with lively chatter amongst Austinites, and there is always somewhere to sit, even if just while waiting for an order to-go.

The coffee at Two Hands is pretty damn good, but it’s not my favorite. Still, I’ll come here over a lot of other places simply because when you come to Two Hands, you can be absolutely sure you will be treated well.


Even if you’re not a coffee drinker (blasphemy), come to Two Hands for the pastries from Quacks, the juice or the beer, live music, or just to hang with friends, play board games, work or study. And when you go, take me!


Leave a comment below & tell me what you look for in a coffee shop!



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