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On our way out of Hollywood on Day 2, we stopped by a cute coffee shop called Atlier. Here, they serve coffee and food, and have local art on display. There are two separate rooms of seating and a lot of greenery in the store for a comfortable atmosphere.






Boca De Raton is a small town on the way to Palm Beach from Hollywood.


The town hosts a really cool art museum located in a plaza full of shops and food. I love the way the pink buildings look against the blue sky and palm trees!



Seriously, I could not resist taking a bunch of photos while just walking around.



The Boca De Raton Art Museum includes an outdoor sculpture garden as well as some really interesting and deep exhibits inside. Some of the pieces were really thought provoking, and my friends & I had a pretty good discussion about one of the short films that was on display.



I urge you to check out the art museum in any city you visit, because they are all different and unique. The more art museums I visit, the more I enjoy them.






What is probably my favorite meal of the entire trip was from this Middle Eastern grocery store. They serve platters of Mediterranean food and it is the most flavorful and delicious I have eaten (Even better than Halal Corner in Austin). Not only that, but the owner (?) was sooo friendly to us.



He asked me where we were from, and when I wondered how he knew we were from out of town, he told me my skin was too pale to be from Florida, haha! He was such a fun guy and really attempted to get to know us.



Something about visiting local gems like this makes me love traveling. I think if you are going to travel, it is important to visit local shops and restaurants to really experience the city for all of its personality.





Once in Palm Beach, we visited a manatee lagoon, known to attract the manatees during cold seasons due to the warm waters of Florida.



We were able to view the manatees from afar, but they did not come close enough to really get a good look at them. Nonetheless, the view from the dock was quite amazing.






During the evening, we visited West Palm Beach to watch the sun go down. This sunset was one of my favorite experiences of the trip.



West Palm Beach was very quiet, and the waves were relaxing to watch and listen to. The sky sported all the colors one would expect of a sunset.



The palm trees were just as beautiful in the evening with the silhouette contrasting the colorful sky.






After enjoying the sunset, we ventured to Clematis Street for a Thursday night tradition in West Palm. Live music and food & drink specials is a must. Something that I really appreciated about the band that was playing is that though they weren't the greatest performers ever, they got everyone dancing and singing along, and were generally just fun to watch. They played throwbacks from the 90s which everyone seemed to appreciate, popular songs of today, and even some originals.

We stopped by a couple bars for a drink and some food, and ended the night there. I think if I lived in West Palm, Clematis by Night would be a really nice date spot. Overall, the first day in West Palm was a success! Lots of good food and fun.



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