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Our first stop in the morning on our way to Miami was at Little Cuban Cafe, a coffee and breakfast shop that serves really great sandwiches and Cuban Coffee. This was yet again another place that proved local shops are always the best. The lady was so sweet to my friends & I and when she found out it was our first time coming in to her store, she gave us Cuban espresso shots on the house. I didn't snap many photos of this place since we were in and out rather quickly, and I was more focused on watching her make our drinks. I ordered an iced coffee con leche, and it reminded me of Vietnamese coffee - strong and creamy. Perfect!



One thing I instantly loved about downtown Miami was that it was so incredibly close to the water. When I visited LA, I hated that downtown LA was so dark and dirty, but in Miami, you can still feel the crisp air that you do at the beach. We went to downtown specifically to visit the Perez Art Museum, but walked around the pier a bit to look at the boats and palm trees. I'm telling you, I'm still so mesmerized by these trees. Just look how beautiful. And they have coconuts. Crazy.



So of course, being as obsessed with photos as we are, we spent some time snapping pics of the scenery before going inside. Nothing wrong with that 🙂





When I saw this statue outside the museum, I was instantly intrigued. Apparently, this fixture was bought by an artist with an exhibition at Perez, and was previously located in Millenium Park in Chicago.



I don't always prefer to take photos of the art inside a museum, just because I feel that the experience is always more meaningful in person, but this kinetic art begged for a photo. I left this on bulb and it turned out great. Love the effect and I'm actually now using this photo as my phone background.



The Perez Art museum had some really cool exhibits and interactive art pieces. I think some of the coolest art is that which you can be a part of so it was a really fun morning for us.





When in Miami... eat Cuban.




For lunch, we made a stop at this cuban market with numerous vendors of fruits and vegetables, plates of food, and other yummy Cuban things. 



They also sold coconuts here, so I had to buy one and try it out. Interestingly enough, it didn't taste "coconutty" to me, which was a good thing because I normally don't like a strong coconut flavor. It was more refreshing than anything and I'm glad I got it!



Not only that, but this giant plate of ribs, rice, and fried plantains was only $10! My friend & I shared it and didn't even finish. Crazy amount of food and it was soo good. My first time having really authentic Cuban food... I approve!



For the rest of the day, it got really rainy, so we decided to just take it easy and chill. We ended up grabbing food at the Airbnb and watching TV. It was a good way to rest up since we were tired from all the activities so far.




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