A Lighthouse with a View | FL Travel Diary


Our last day in Florida was one of the best. We packed a picnic lunch and drove to Key Biscayne and explored the island, then ended the day with a nice dinner and drinks. The Cape Florida Lighthouse is part of the Cape Florida State Park and was built in 1825. Now, visitors can climb up the stairs to an amazing view from the top.



From the ground it was quite menacing, but thankfully I didn't get too nervous about climbing my way to the top. 109 stairs later...


This view was one of my favorites from our entire trip. At the top, the wind is wild - somewhat frightening. But I could have stayed their for hours just staring out into the ocean. Though the lighthouse was tight for space, everywhere I stepped there was a new and beautiful view.



Back on land, the beach was another beauty; there were few people around and the skies had cleared since the rainy days prior.



Throughout this trip I earned the nickname "Nana," although I cannot even remember how that nickname came to be. Here I am pictured in my natural habitat - rocking chair with my kitty next to me. Beyond the lighthouse, the beach and surrounding park were fun to explore. We took a pretty long walk and found ourselves lost, but came across more beautiful landscapes like this.



Our barista in the morning also recommended we stop by the harbor, where boats were docking and taking off.



What stole the show for the day was definitely the lighthouse. Key Biscayne, you are perfect.


To end our trip, we had to visit one last beach. We chose the Sunny Isles near Miami, and the very first thing that we noticed when we parked was just how windy and cold it was. Our hair was flying as we pushed against the wind to get a good view of the shore.



We did want to go to the end of the pier, but it was $2 / person to walk down, and we figured we had a pretty good view regardless.


We sat in these little tikis for a bit then decided to get going because we were so cold from the wind.


I am very thankful I was given the opportunity to travel with two of my best friends. I loved eating, drinking, looking at art, and visiting the beaches. Florida really impressed me and I would love to visit sometime in the future.


To watch my Vlog from the trip, click below! Make sure to comment =)




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