Saying Goodbye to Austin Coffee Shops

My Last Coffees in Austin


It is no secret that one of my favorite things about Austin, TX is its coffee shops. My coffee addiction was rooted in trips to Starbucks for their seasonal lattes, and it was through local coffee shops that I learned what true good coffee is. A visit to Vintage Heart with my boyfriend who eagerly Yelp’d a coffee shop he thought I’d like changed my perspective, and since, I have fallen in love with the coffee and people at local coffee shops in Austin.


So you can imagine my remorse at leaving this city, and while I am eager to begin my search for my favorite local Dallas coffee shops, I am also sad to leave behind the shops I now frequent.

So, in my final days in Austin, I made a point to visit coffee shops I had been meaning to try, and visit those places that mean the most to me for one last time.




A first-timer at Flat Track, I was immediately drawn to its rugged and vintage influences. It is almost as though it shares not only space with the bike shop next door but also personal traits.


There is an old motorcycle in the corner, which is obviously the statement piece here, being that it is all over Instagram, as well as some very rustic looking coffee mugs that I found very nice.



I have to say I was impressed with the decor here; I think a lot of times, we like to buy new things to achieve a clean and modern look, but here, they established that same vibe with old, repurposed items.




One of my favorite spots in Austin is Patika; the coffee is good, and it’s a perfect spot for getting work done. I used to come here when I needed to get away from campus and focus on studying.



I ordered a scone forgetting how sweet they are, but it was a delicious start to my day.



Once in while, while living in Austin, I would venture to South Congress for a wonderful cup of coffee at one of the most aesthetic shops in Austin. I love the vibes, the open space, and the coffee.



Arguably Hyde Park’s best attribute is Quack’s, and I have been here many many times over the past year or so. I would visit Quack’s once or twice a week when I had a lot of studying to do, and even though it’s not the fanciest place, they serve the best pastries in town and have a very friendly staff.




And of course, I couldn’t leave Austin without coming to Vintage at least one (or two) more times.


Honestly, I can see how people may have other favorite coffee shops, but Vintage Heart just always stole the show for me. Maybe it was due to that first date a while back but I have a sentimental connection with this coffee shop and I am going to really miss it.



Their cortado with lavender is probably my favorite drink in Austin.



Well, now it’s time to find new favorites and become a regular at new spots. Good thing Austin is only three and a half hours away though. It’ll be nice to come back and visit sometimes.



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