Do You Know About Our To-Go’s? | Davis St Espresso


Not going to lie, it’s hard to feel at home when moving to a new city. Thankfully, coffee shops provide me with a sense of comfort that makes easing into the change a bit easier. I look forward to weekends for trying new coffee shops and exploring the different neighborhoods of Dallas.



I heard from a couple locals that Davis Street Espresso is “the best” coffee shop in Dallas, so of course I made a point to come here. Parking was surprisingly painless, and the neighborhood is cute and quaint to my liking. Lots of little boutiques make it a nice area to walk around.


Davis Street Espresso itself has a pretty deep personality. Out back sits an old abandoned bus(?) that was repurposed to provide additional seating, making for an intimate setting to hang out with friends over coffee. Door handles and door stoppers are portafilters. These little details make coming here a very unique experience.



What really stands out about Davis Street though is the fact that there is no wifi, and they do not offer plastic or paper to-go cups. You can buy a mason jar for a $2 deposit, and bring it back for a refund later.



I would normally complain about these things, but being forced away from my computer actually led me to finish the book I was reading at the time, which I had been meaning to finish by the end of January but didn’t get around to it. When you are without WiFi you start to realize how many other things you enjoy doing that don’t require it.


As I have yet to speak of the coffee, so I should mention that it is wonderful. I ordered a “Van Buren,” which is their cortado served with sparking water and biscotti on a wooden platter. I paired it with a apricot scone — equally great.



I was looking for a coffee shop to spend some quiet time with myself, and I appreciate that I was comfortable enough to do so here, despite the fact that it is quite fitting for the group dynamic.



Thanks to those who recommended Davis Street! Comment below or tweet me if you have other recommendations for coffee or food or just general things to do in Dallas 🙂



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