Chocolate Wasted at Sablon Chocolate Lounge



Even if you’re not a chocolate person, it’s hard to avoid it on Valentine’s Day. I try to avoid sweets in general, but was super excited to try all of the best treats at Sablon Chocolate Lounge with Yelp Dallas.



Sablon Chocolate Lounge is first and foremost a craft chocolate shop, and they serve an incredible range of creative desserts that take chocolate to the next level. The owner kindly introduced his vision for the company, and said he hopes his coffee lounge is a place for socializing, and enjoying quality chocolate. Because of this, many of the items on the menu are perfect for sharing, like this chocolate fondue which was my favorite. The rich chocolate pairs nicely with the subtle sweetness of the fruit.



One can only try so many chocolates without starting to feel a sugar rush. Thankfully, we were treated to a turkey panini, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted. For a place that does not specialize in lunch food, they serve a great panini.



Probably the most interesting item we tried was this chocolate shot. It is pure dark chocolate fondue, and though amazing, was too decadent to finish. I can imagine putting this atop ice cream and I am sure it would turn out great.



To end the evening, we were treated to the most intriguing item on the menu – this chocolate waffle. Sugar waffle topped with ice cream, chocolate drizzle, and cherries. The chocolate drizzle was absorbed by the soft waffles so each bite was chocolatey and delicious. I could only handle a couple bites at this point, feeling somewhat chocolate wasted, haha!

I know Valentine’s Day is over, but if you’re just looking to surprise someone to a cute dessert date, this is definitely the spot. Located in Uptown, it’s a great post-dinner treat in a nice area. I recommend it!




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