This New Plano Cafe is Killing It


XO Coffee Company: The Newest & Cutest Cafe in Plano


Living in North Dallas often means driving 20 miles to visit a coffee shop (yes, I am willing to drive this far for good coffee). So when XO Coffee Company opened in downtown Plano, I was eager to try it out.



Not only do they serve coffee, but they have a breakfast menu that includes french toast, egg scrambles, breakfast tacos, and other daily specials. All  in addition to their bakery items – cakes, muffins and breads that all look delicious. Each day, the options change, so it’s always exciting to try something new here.



The cafe itself is a gorgeous open space with wide windows that allow for natural lighting. They have a tic-tac-toe board (because, ya know, XO) to entertain as well as some gorgeous decorations that make for great eye candy or the subject of an Instagram photo.



On my first visit, I had a cortado and a lightly sweetened walnut bread perfect for a Sunday morning. The servers are all super pleasant to interact with, which makes me want to come back again and again. The barista even offered me an extra espresso shot that she had leftover from another order.



I decided to take my mom here when she visited Dallas because I liked it so much, and she was equally impressed at the quality of the coffee and the assortment of pastries. We tried their blueberry coffee cake and banana nut muffin both of which, despite being slightly dry, were wonderful.



Great service, great coffee, and great pastries make for an ideal coffee shop in my book. Good job, XO and welcome to Plano!



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