A Spring Weekend in Austin | Photo Diary


Last weekend, I had my first day off since I started working full time, and decided to take advantage of the long weekend and visit Austin, which inevitably means eating good food and having good coffee. Here’s a little photo diary of some of these indulgences!



I get excited every time a new coffee shop opens so this was no exception. Stonehouse is a beautiful shop that debuted a couple weeks ago and boasts a modern and homey interior and patio seating out front. It is also conveniently located adjacent to Burro Cheese, so when I came, many people were having a weekend brunch over coffee on the patio.



I ordered my usual cortado, and decided to try this raisin scone. After taking this shot, I looked up and a woman walking by commented that she was glad I took that photo because it’s very pretty. I often feel embarrassed for taking photos of my coffee, but it was nice to get a reaction other than a dirty stare.



This coffee shop definitely has that “awe” factor that makes you want to come again, and the coffee was quite good, but wasn’t as smooth and rich in flavor as I look for in a cortado. I’m sure in time this will improve, and this is for sure a place I would visit again. I’m also obsessed with the pattern on this pillow.


I also couldn’t go to Austin without grabbing brunch, so my friends and I visited Cafe No Se on South Congress Avenue on Saturday, and while waiting for our table wandered around and inevitably ended up taking a photo at the famous Jo’s Coffee wall.



It felt a bit strange to suddenly be a tourist in a city I lived in not too long ago, but it was also quite enjoyable to wander around SoCo while catching up with friends. I went in to stores I have never visited before, and finally grabbed a meal at Cafe No Se which has long been on my list of spots to try.



Cafe No Se has a beautiful interior, and serves breakfast and brunch foods, along with pastries and coffee. It’s completely my style.



Though it is a pricey establishment, they don’t skimp out on portions. My friend ordered a cheeseburger and it came with two hefty patties and a plate full of fries. I ordered the crispy sunny egg, la quercia speck, arugula, romesco toast main entree, and felt it was the perfect portion size for brunch. Prior to this meal, I had never tried romesco, and really enjoyed it.



Not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed when I heard it would rain this weekend, because it meant I would not be able to visit Flitch, the coffee truck in East downtown that became one of my favorite coffee shops in Austin before I left the city. Thankfully, the weather was actually beautiful the entire weekend, with a light brisk breeze and only slightly overcast, making for a great day to have coffee outdoors.



The owner is friendly and kind, and has a beautiful and social dog named Jake. People bring their dogs here and sit in the yard, enjoying their coffee while their pets make friend with Jake. It’s always a great start to my day when I can pet Jake and have really good coffee. It was also a nice way to end the weekend before I made the long trek back to Dallas.


Now that I no longer live in Austin, going back is always bittersweet. I love visiting the places that were once a part of my daily routine, but it’s also sad that they are no longer as familiar as they once were. That being said, I had a wonderful weekend and am very thankful and blessed.



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