My Go-To Downtown Coffee Shop


I was planning for today’s blog post to be a review of Ascension’s new downtown location, but after wandering around downtown Dallas for awhile in search of the new shop, I got a little lost.

Frustrated that I still could not find it and still lacking my morning cuppa, I found myself at one of my go-to coffee shops, Weekend Coffee.



Ok, so I’m a little obsessed with this coffee shop. Hell, this is even where the photo on my about page came from. Despite the hassle of parking downtown (I normally park in the Neiman Marcus garage or on the street, but they also validate), I always end up at Weekend when I can’t decide where to go.

Here are just a couple reasons why I love this place.



Lounge Potential

As the name implies, Weekend is a wonderful spot for those lazy weekend afternoons, with plenty of couches and chairs for lounging. I often spend hours here catching up on work or a good book. The storefront is somewhat isolated from the seating areas meaning it never gets too loud or distracting.


Instagram Potential

Not only is Weekend a beautiful space with charming decor, but the Joule itself is eye candy heaven. Marble tables, tall plants, and modern paintings all add character to the space.



Breakfast & Sweets

Two words: Pistachio donuts. Oh, and breakfast tacos.


Reliable Wi-Fi

I’ve been to my fair share of coffee shops, and lately I’ve noticed that many places just don’t offer good wifi. It’s either slow or spotty, and as someone who spends a lot of time on the internet, I can’t have my pages crashing over and over again. Thankfully, the Joule lobby has pretty great wifi, so I’ve never even had to think about it twice.



Good Espresso

Most importantly, Weekend serves good coffee. Specifically, they have great espresso drinks, so I’ll most often order a cortado. Their pour-over is okay, but not distinguishable from the drip in my opinion, so why pay extra for it? I recommend sticking with the espresso drinks.


When I’m downtown and want to feel fancy, I come to Weekend. What’s your go-to?





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