Beignet, Done That

Is Cafe Du Monde Worth the Hype?


If there’s one city you associate with beignets, it’s New Orleans. Along with jazz, Cajun food, and Bourbon street, Cafe Du Monde is one of NOLA’s most iconic tourist attractions.

The question is, does Cafe Du Monde live up to the hype?



Naturally, I couldn’t take a trip to NOLA without visiting Cafe Du Monde. But I kept my expectations low. I know a lot of restaurants and dessert spots are popular for the name, and I figured Du Monde was one of them. I was envisioning long lines, lots of Instagrammers, and pricey, anticlimactic food. I was proven wrong.



The cafe itself is quite simple – they serve beignets and coffee, nothing else. You seat yourself when a table opens up, and are quickly greeted by a waiter to take your order while simultaneously cleaning up after the party before you. It all feels very hustle-and-bustle, with no real formal process for queueing customers.

As is common throughout the streets of the French Quarter, street performers entertain Du Monde guests and other passersby to live jazz and even tap dancing.



The menu at Du Monde makes ordering easy – you tell them how many orders of beignets you’d like, put in your coffee requests, and pay right away. Each order comes with three beignets, so two orders was enough for the five of us.



Beignets are beignets. They’re very sweet, fluffy and warm, but they’re still just beignets, comparable to the taste of funnel cake at a state fair, just with a slightly classier presentation.

Du Monde’s coffee is not sweet, which was appreciated given the amount of sugar in the doughnuts. We found that dipping the  beignets into our cafe au laits muted the sweetness of the doughnut and resulted in a moist, delicious combination.



My personal conclusion is that Cafe Du Monde does the beignet experience very well. The atmosphere is casual, comfortable, and epitomizes the New Orleans vibe.

So in the end, it’s not really about the beignets. The French-style cafe, street-side jazz, and menu simplicity all provide an experience that you just can’t get anywhere else.



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