Trying Edible Rose Petal Coffee

Must-Try Coffee Shops in New Orleans


Apparently, New Orleans is one of the top cities to visit for coffee lovers. So I had to go.



Spitfire is a tiny little shop in the French Quarter that my friends and I nearly filled up just my part of five. The open concept leaves the espresso machine visible from pretty much anywhere in the shop, so you have a clear view of the barista as he makes your coffee, which adds a personal touch to the experience.



Despite its simplicity, little details about Spitfire stood out to me such as purse hooks, natural lighting, and plenty of outlets. Why aren’t purse hooks standard in coffee shops yet?! They are so practical, especially for small spaces like this.



Another thing that instantly caught my eye was the uniqueness of their menu; they offer cuban cortados, lattes with habanero shrub, and even rose petal lattes – in addition to everything you’d normally expect of a coffee shop.



My friend Gia ordered the latte with rose petals, which comes with a light and refreshing orange flavor, something I would have never guessed to put in a latte, but is actually quite delicious. Naturally, when I heard rose petals could be added to an order I had to try it. The petals are edible, and add a lovely floral taste.

If you’re not into rose petals, come for the good coffee (they serve beans from a number of roasters including Onyx) and the homey interior within the French Quarter.


The second trendy spot in NOLA that I recommend is Stumptown Coffee Roasters in downtown New Orleans.



If you’re a coffee lover like I am, you hear about Stumptown all the time. They are one of the most popular coffee roasters in the United States and are based out of Portland with locations in only four other cities throughout the states. I honestly wasn’t even aware they had a location in New Orleans until I got there, but it was a pleasant surprise and a great way to first experience Stumptown.



When I opened the door, I was immediately in awe at the space. The storefront is spacious and open, with dim lighting reminiscent of an upscale bar. It is located inside of a hotel downtown, so you get a lot of those ‘business district’ feels.



Ornate furniture and plenty of spots to curl up with a book (or a game, like these kids) make this a great study or work spot in addition to in general being a comfortable and homey hotel lobby.



I ordered my usual cortado, and sat in the lobby to pass time before my flight back to Dallas. The coffee was excellent – strong and flavorful how I like it. I could’ve spent hours here just people-watching or reading a book, and there is conveniently a bar just next door for later hours.


All this to say… Can confirm. NOLA is a great city for coffee lovers. If you’re visiting the city, definitely consider Spitfire as a pit stop while exploring the French Quarter, or stay awhile at Stumptown.




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