The Fanciest Toast I’ve Ever Eaten

The Grove on Forest | Laguna Beach, CA


When traveling, I always love venturing out for coffee because it allows me to see more of the city. It also forces me out of my comfort zone to try new things, even if it means risking I won’t like it.

While in California, I found a place on Yelp called The Grove that apparently “has the best coffee in town,” so I gave it a shot.



Due to limited parking in the area, my coworkers and I ended up walking a couple blocks to find the cafe. It was hidden amongst some other local shops, so just walking around gave us more exposure to the town.



The Grove at Forest is a unique little place. There were several pieces of patriotic artwork on the walls, and a small garden area out back with more seating. It’s definitely a great local spot for breakfast, so I ordered a toast from the menu (the name of which I fail to remember) to go along with my coffee.



The toast came with a dipping sauce made of truffle oil and a soft poached egg. The toast itself was honestly quite sweet, so the sauce helped balance it out. It was plated beautifully too, with colorful garnish and the crusts removed. I was honestly surprised at the presentation of all of their dishes.



In terms of coffee, the cortado I ordered was a bit diluted, but I did enjoy the flavor. My friends liked the pour over they tried, so I’d venture to say their coffee is pretty good.

Nonetheless, I’m glad I was able to get a taste of the Laguna vibe by visiting one of its coffee shops!


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