Trying Boozy Coffee on the Beach


As soon as the plane landed and the captain announced the weather in Southern California was forecasted at a sunny 70 all weekend, I knew I was going to have a great vacation.



I was blessed enough to visit Laguna Beach with my company this June, and stayed at the most amazing resort not a ten minute walk from the shore. The water was cold and foamy, the air crisp. Sometimes, taking in the fresh air of the coast is the best way to clear your mind.



After taking a tram down the hill from the resort to the ocean, we encountered the cutest bistro with a great view. Eating here really allowed us to take the afternoon slowly and relax over some good food. We hadn’t eaten much all day, but the food here was worth the wait.



I’ve only had chowder from a can, so I thought it right to give real clam chowder a try, despite the restaurant being most popular for their fish tacos. It was thick, creamy, and packed with the fresh flavors of the vegetables, so I am definitely going to have a hard time going back to the cans.



I wasn’t planning on getting dessert until I saw “coffee cocktails” on the menu and figured hey, I’m on vacation. Why not? My friend decided on a mint chocolate coffee cocktail that tasted like a York peppermint patty. It was wonderful. I chose the almond coffee drink, which was honestly pretty strong. I’ve never had a hot cocktail before, but the warmth and light sweetness made the perfect dessert.



I always find good coffee when I visit new places, but finding a good coffee cocktail was a special treat and made a wonderful beginning to a wonderful trip.



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