Flower Mound’s Best Coffee Expands to New Location

Edison Coffee Opens Second Flower Mound Shop


Earlier this month, Edison Coffee Company (aka my newest coffee shop crush) opened the doors of its second shop in Parker Square, Flower Mound, and the new location is just as magical as the original.



The super Instagrammable “Coffee is Magic” wall print takes the place of the iconic “Coffee is Science” poster from the first location, making this new spot equally unique with the same Edison touch.



And of course, they still serve the same fabulous coffee and treats, like this blueberry scone that pairs nicely with a pour over coffee. I am still in search of the best pour-over in the Metroplex, and Edison is currently on the top of the list.



The biggest difference I noticed in this new location is its wide windows and open layout. In my opinion, rather than being a comfy-cozy type of place like to catch up with a book like the original, it functions more as a spot to catch up with friends and have conversation over coffee.

The setting isn’t as ideal for studying or work, although it is still somewhere I would love to spend a morning.



Overall, I’m super impressed and content with the new location. You can support Edison’s by following them on Instagram or visiting them at Parker Square.

I am secretly hoping someday they will bring their craft to Dallas (coffee is art? yeah?) and save me trips to Flower Mound but until then, I’m perfectly happy with this beautiful new spot.




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