He Stole My Heart at Vintage Heart | We’re Engaged!


The Story of Our Engagement Location

I will spare you as many cheesy details of our story as I can (stay tuned for a wedding website) but as a little preview I thought I’d share a little bit about the location Raymond chose for the proposal.



Back in 2015, Raymond took me to Vintage Heart for the first time. Even though he himself was not a coffee-drinker, he knew I was and wanted to take me somewhere cute that he thought I’d really like. In all honesty, I hadn’t visited many boutique coffee shops before, but he was right – it was exactly my style.



I came to love Vintage Heart not only for the coffee but also because it reminds me of our relationship.

As our relationship developed, Vintage Heart was the coffee shop we always came back to. We’d come together for a morning cuppa joe, or we’d come separately, alone to study or with friends to introduce them to our favorite spot.





As time goes on, I appreciate our little rituals like this. Even something as simple as getting coffee can add meaning to your relationship.



When I left Austin after graduation, Ray gifted me a tumbler from Vintage Heart. Starting my mornings at work with hot coffee from this gift is a sweet reminder that no matter how alone I feel in this new city with this new lifestyle, he is there for me.


The Engagement: October 7th, 2017


Just like any other Austin morning, we came to Vintage Heart for some coffee. Other than the fact that Raymond was in a great mood for whatever reason, I didn’t think much of it.



I tend to always want to take photos at the back entrance by the beautiful door and wall of greenery, and this little back corner of Vintage Heart is my favorite.

If I’m to be honest, when I fantasized about getting engaged I always imagined it here. I never mentioned it to him, so I wasn’t anticipating anything.



When we sat down, I was thinking that he looked extra handsome that day, so I snapped a shot of him enjoying his coffee which turns out to be pretty similar to the first picture I took of him two and a half years ago (click right).

And then, he proposed. And I said yes!



There has never been a more surreal moment in my life; seeing the man I want to spend my life with kneel down and ask me to do just that is overwhelming. I feel so lucky to have him and thankful for the amount of thought and care he put into proposing.



I hope you enjoyed this cheesy little love story told through photos of coffee.


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