Epoch Opens New Far West Location

A Modern Take on the Epoch We Know & Love


If you’re familiar with the Epoch, you’d probably picture a grungy, dim-lit space with couches and small tables for studying. So you’d probably be as surprised as I was when I pulled up to the new location.



The new Epoch opened its doors on January 3rd  at 3900 Far West Blvd and is honestly in my opinion the nicest one yet.



Tall ceilings, long tables, and a generally open and spacious layout turn this old garage into a coffee shop minimalist by design, yet reminiscent of Epoch’s two other locations by its homey feel.



Though this location feels quite different than the other two, I like that it retains its “Epoch” feel and offers the same great coffee you’d expect.



One of the biggest differences I noticed was the amount of greenery. Tall plants juxtaposed to the grungy remains of the garage adds a fresh, renewed vibe that you just don’t get at the other Epochs.

In addition to the main space, perfect for chatting it up with friends, there is a quieter, more dim section of the store perfect for those who are looking to work remotely or study. And of course, the Austin culture is not lost, as they feature local art on the walls at Far West too.



Some have noticed a lack of outlets and different hours, so keep that in mind if you do decide to visit.



Overall I’m very pleased with the new addition to the city, and at the fact that there is now one more coffee shop up North. Good job, Epoch; I’ll be back again soon!




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