Garden of the Gods | Colorado Springs, CO



After thirteen hours in the car, I arrived in Fountain, Colorado greeted by some of the best Korean food prepared by my boyfriend Raymond’s family. Before it got too dark, we ventured to the Garden of the Gods to enjoy the evening.




After driving up the winding, mountainous roads I was immediately in awe at the deeply saturated red-orange rocks that contrast the greens with impressive natural beauty.




We also happened to pass by a climber who had just reached the top of one of the rocks and was making his way down.




It was fun to spot wildlife, attempt to climb the steep rocks, and take in the gorgeous mountain views.

GardenGods_7 GardenGods_8


On our way out, a group of elderly women and men were playing drums in a chorus of maybe twenty people. I love the fact that the night fell together so well; the weather and views complimented by such a honest and passionate performance.


Garden of the Gods is an absolutely amazing landmark that I am very thankful I had the opportunity to visit. The evening breeze and views made the experience even more beautiful, and it was a perfect way to begin my trip to Colorado!



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