Royal Gorge | Cañon City, CO



For our last day in Colorado, we drove out to Canon City to visit the Royal Gorge, a suspension bridge over a large gorge in the mountains.




Prices at Royal Gorge include a $25 base fee with a discount if you order online. This includes walking across the bridge and a gondola ride back to the main building. For $50 a person, you can ride a zipline above the canyon, but the gondola was just as thrilling.





In addition to the general splendor that is the bridge, the views of the gorge were fantastic. We did have to hike up a pretty steep hill on the other side of the bridge to access the gondola, but this allowed us to view the gorge from even higher above. A train operates on the railway down below, and from the gondola we were able to see it pass by.




We were also able to get a clear view of the bridge, which made me realize just how crazy we were for walking across it. Royal Gorge is Colorado’s highest suspension bridge at 1,250 feet above the canyon. Yikes.





What makes walking across the bridge even more thrilling is the fact that the wind speeds are so high that you can not only feel the bridge shake but also see it. Some people held their phones between the wooden planks of the bridge walkway to get shots of what lies below.





There are fifty flags across the bridge that tourists like me were taking photos with, as well as signs with interesting facts about famous figures who are somehow connected to this bridge. I shot a pic of this sign that made me laugh a bit.


I think Royal Gorge was my favorite attraction from my trip to Colorado this summer, especially because I was able to spend it with my favorite person!



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