Our Country of Friends


So I’ve meant to try Seventh Flag Coffee for awhile. It’s all the rave on Eater and Yelp but I was just afraid that it would disappoint me and its a far drive so I always shied away from it until today. However, having no plans on a Saturday morning, I dropped by, and was excited to find parking on the first try. So far so good.




First impression: Looks homey. Love the outdoor seating (there is more around the corner to the right).




Most of their pastries were on the sweeter side, which was a small disappointment for me, but the almond croissant was delicious. The server gladly introduced each item to me when I asked. The service here actually stood out to me in a really good way. The people were sooo friendly I felt like I could continue a conversation with them. It didn’t feel forced or artificial at all.




The verdict on the coffee: Pretty good. I liked it. It didn’t leave a huge impression, but I would come back.




The seats have no backs, so if you have back problems this may not be the place to sit for awhile, but there is actually quite a good amount of seating here. Long wooden tables and unique, very patriotic decor really makes you feel at home. It is very clean and organized. Definitely the “morning pick me up” kind of coffee shop and such a great location.




Austin constantly reminds me how great of a city it is – great people, great little shops like this that make me love exploring.



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