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October Coffee Diary

I was going to treat this post as sort of a “coffee diary” but I also want to treat it as sort of a personal diary to reflect on some thoughts that have occupied my mind lately. It might be a long post, and I don’t imagine many people will read it but that’s okay.

Today is a very lazy Saturday; I was going to go to a coffee shop this morning and then work out before my plans this evening but I woke up a bit tired and just wanted to stay in, watch some vlogs and kdramas, study a bit, and relax.

Normally, relaxing is stressful for me. I’m the type of person who hates waking up late and loves packing my day with as much scheduled as possible, so being bored or lazy gives me anxiety. This semester is very relaxing, so you can imagine how much anxiety I’ve experienced.

Over the years I have spread myself quite thin with my interests. I’ve been a gymnast, but wasn’t all that great. I played violin, but that wasn’t ever going anywhere. I’ve lifted, had an average amount of involvement in several organizations on campus, I code, I blog, I take photos, I’m into beauty and makeup…yet I still don’t know who I am or what makes me unique.

A friend of mine mentioned that I do have a lot of interests, but I am making excuses for not exploring them. This statement has really struck home with me, as I’ve realized that it is in fact very true. I make excuses not to say what I want, do what I want, post what I want… etc. and I also have been completely ignoring my strengths while focusing on the strengths of others.

This post is thus an honest one about a couple days this past month!

October 12th, 2016

Friends and Neighbors is a coffee shop / vintage shop located in East Austin and… I was underwhelmed. I think it is the type of place I would rather go with “friends and neighbors” and not alone, and maybe on a weekend rather than a random weekday morning.




I came specifically to order their rosemary latte, which was quite good, but I felt out of place being one of maybe two customers, and the backyard space felt empty and deserted. I just didn’t feel very welcome. I realize now that there are several small rooms inside the home that have more personality and may be more suited to my liking, but on this particular day I unfortunately missed out.




I think it was a good reminder to me that sometimes social media glorifies places, experiences, and people in ways that make actual real-life experiences disappointing, which has actually altered how I choose to experience things nowadays. I’m making more effort to stay in, make my own cup of coffee, or go out with friends and experience things together.


October 13th, 2016

I procrastinated (senioritis at its finest) until the last day before my test was due to go through the lectures and write my paper. I figured Patika would be the perfect location to study due to its calm, aesthetic interior.



In the past, I used to always order a latte when I sit at a coffee shop for a couple hours, partly because it’s more “Insta worthy” that way, but lately I have just been craving my coffee black. I paired it with a scone which was hella sweet which I am not used to but still delicious.




Reminiscing to the days in which I was more studious and dedicated to school…


October 14th, 2016

When new cafes open in Austin, I have this longing to try them before anyone else does. I honestly don’t know why I’m like this but when I got the notification that The Factory was open and a friend of mine suggested we go, I had to.




The day of, I was feeling a little too insecure to go out, and almost cancelled on my plans. (I broke out significantly recently and was uncomfortable with my face, and all too aware of my sugar and milk intake) BUT I didn’t want to disappoint anyone and I did want to try this new spot out.




Food-wise, I was less impressed than I would have liked. But I did come here with little to no expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the interior of this little shop is. Everywhere you turn is another aesthetic opportunity, so the blogger and Instagrammer inside of me was just loving it.




I also was able to catch up a bit with an old friend, and being around these girls really boosted my spirits!





Still working on getting the perfect angles for food like this. I was a little frustrated because this place has so much photo/aesthetic potential, but none of my pictures turned out as I would like, and I ended up being to self-conscious to take any more than I did. I hate that I get like this, especially when it’s something that I enjoy so much. I’m working on opening myself up to judgment and not allowing it to taint my view of myself or my hobbies.




This shot I am most content with because it captures, to me, the essence of the coffee shop – sweet treats and drinks on the outside but its soul is a warm and comfortable place to converse and interact with your friends.


Saturday, November 5th 2016

Reently I came across the Netflix Original Series “Black Mirror” and watched the first episode. In this episode, people are judged by their rating on social media, and after each interaction with another person, people rate each other on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

It got me thinking about the way we treat the people around us. If someone is more popular on social media, do we judge them differently? How much more do we focus on our online presence than our physical interactions?




I think lately these thoughts have given me perspective about how I want to live my life, and how I want to present myself online and in person. Yes, I enjoy blogging, taking photos, and Instagramming, but I also understand the importance of not allowing it to dictate how I live my life.






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