A Boozy Afternoon with Yelp

October 16th, 2016


This weekend, along with other Yelp Elite, I had the opportunity to visit Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, an upscale restaurant located on W 6th street in downtown Austin for the opening of their newly renovated restaurant and cocktail bar.




I was immediately drawn to the Halloween vibes – the place was decked out. Each table was carefully decorated, and a DJ was managing a killer Halloween playlist. A couple of us bonded over the fact that we are instantly reminded of the movie 13 Going on 30 when Michael Jackson’s Thriller comes on.




I was greeted upon entering with a raspberry rosemary cocktail – not sure what that meant in terms of alcohol but the raspberry flavor was strong enough to overpower any other flavor anyway. The tables were decorated nicely with glittery pumpkins and plants with eyeballs – really sinister stuff here. I loved that everywhere I looked was an opportunity for a photo.




Speaking of photos, I was also pleasantly surprised by the photo booth they had set up for us Yelpers. Though I wore significantly less make up than a typical day, I have made it a goal recently to save more photos of myself. Normally, I hide behind the camera, but I would like some to look back on in the future.




Ok, back to the food. A gorgeous cheese / fruit & veggie spread that tasted as good as it looks.




Fresh steak sliced right in front of you? Beautiful. It was even tender enough to eat without a knife.




I was also given a spiced Old Fashioned, but this drink that the girl next to me tried was a lot more picture-friendly.




They also had apps going around and one waiter asked us if we were “okay with poke,” but who isn’t? The poke chip was the highlight of the afternoon for me for sure. There was also garlic rosemary shrimp going around and chicken avocado with goat cheese so I was constantly trying new foods.




As soon as dessert was served, everyone rushed over, and I was able to get my hands on a cute little cheesecake. I also stole a photo of someone else’s chocolate mousse, because why not.

From start to finish I had a really enjoyable afternoon and I am very thankful for these foodie experiences!



Photo by Yelp Austin



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