You’ve Got a Fast Car

This year, I had the privilege of attending Formula 1 in Austin at Circuit of the Americas. I have never been to the State Fair, and the last time I visited the Rodeo must’ve been like 4 years ago, so this was my first exposure to anything similar in awhile. It was a lot of walking and I didn’t end up seeing much of the race but it was a fun weekend nonetheless.




The weather was super nice, and it was crazy to see just how many people are interested in racing. The crowd was spread across the lawn all over the venue at Circuit of Americas to get a glimpse of the race as it was going on.

Tip #1: Bring a blanket or something to sit on. Standing up with a huge patch of grass on your butt is not really flattering.




After the Grand Prix, fans were let onto the track to see the post-race festivities and take pictures of the drivers with their trophies. The crowd was seriously wild.

Tip #2: Usually, if there is a crowd, there is a reason. Follow the crowd and ask around and you might find something fun unexpectedly.




Ok so food was slightly disappointing. All I could find was fried food, so I settled on this place which was pretty good. I was also really sad that alcohol was so pricey. One drink was $15 so….not worth it enough for me to spend my money. What was worse is that water was a whopping $4.

Tip #3: Pack a snack if you can hide it well enough. These prices are just outrageous.




There was also a car showroom, which sported some really fancy cars, old and new, that must be worth millions. It was pretty cool to see the evolution and I was impressed at how clean each car was kept.




I felt slightly out of place gawking at cars I know nothing about. I wish that I understood more about cars so that I could really appreciate their greatness.

Tip #4: Research a little about the event before going. It’ll make it more fun!




As for the performances… it was my second time seeing Taylor Swift live, and her set hadn’t changed much since the last time so it wasn’t super exciting for me. Of course she was great, and despite having a cold she put on a wonderful exciting performance and had a lot of energy.




But what I enjoyed most was seeing Usher. It was the perfect combination of throwback and hearing something new (they performed with The Roots, who I had never heard of before but am kind of obsessed with at the moment). Usher is an outstanding performer, and really vibed well with The Roots.

Tip #5: Get in line as early as possible for the best spots!



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