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Fostering a Baby Kitten | November, 2016

I already have two cats and kittens are hella work to take care of, so I’m not really looking to grow the family for awhile, but when the opportunity to foster a stray for a couple days presented itself I was so down. And… if there is one thing that I enjoy photographing more than food it is cats — especially kittens. Yeah yeah crazy cat lady whatever. So I took a couple shots of little Ollie while he visited, and a few videos too. Enjoy!


One of my favorite things about baby cats is their clumsiness. Oliver kind of waddled around the room tripping over himself and jumped at the slightest sound around him. Sometimes while playing with a toy, he would fall over backward and start rolling around trying to get back up.

oliver3 oliver4 oliver5

Oliver has round blue eyes. He’s an orange tabby so blue eyes is like the ultimate compliment to his color.


Since he was teething, I ended up with a couple battle scars. I tried to offer him his toy as much as possible; if kittens learn that biting flesh is okay while they are young, it is difficult to break this habit later on.


My cat Cheeto likes to squeeze himself into a ball like this and tuck his feet under his body and I’ve always thought it was such a cute way to sit.


I love this photo because he was in the middle of a yawn, and it happened to make him look crazy. Meanwhile Cheeto is stealing his toy and Oliver doesn’t even realize…


Speaking of Cheeto. They became friends in these couple days, and Cheeto would clean him occasionally. I loved seeing a baby tabby next to my big grown tabby – it was like seeing Daddy Cheeto and baby Cheeto :’)


Ultimately I had a lot of fun fostering little baby Oliver this week! I hope he finds a loving home soon! And if you are reading this, I hope this post cheered you up a bit in light of recent events!




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