Pumpkins, Minions, and Do-It-For-The-Instas

Barton Hill Farms | November 12, 2016

What better way to spend a weekend mid-November than get lost in a maze of maize and make Minion pumpkins?



Around forty minutes out from Austin is Barton Hill Farms, a wide open corn field and pumpkin patch that most Austinites make a habit of visiting each year. Having never been, I put it on my bucket list to come here before I leave Austin. The price was okay at $13 plus a couple bucks for a pumpkin, which were half-off due to this being the last weekend to visit.




We scouted the perfect pumpkin to paint and took a couple photos along the way. Most of the prettiest pumpkins had already been taken by previous visitors, so the lot was a bit scarce. It reminded me of Rabbit’s garden in Winnie the Pooh for some reason.




Nonetheless we each found a small pumpkin to take home.




There were a lot of families at the farm, and one family in particular was modeling their toddlers with the pumpkins for some really adorable photos. My photos aren’t nearly as cute.




I don’t think I’ve ever seen pigs at such a close angle, but they are so cute and lazy and fat! The goats were surprisingly soft and friendly.



Painting pumpkins was a much more difficult task than we anticipated. The paint was slow to dry and difficult to work with, but we managed to create two cute little minion pumpkins. If I were to do it over, I might not have given mine a green eye, because it looks slightly creepy when the colors bleed into each other as they did. Nonetheless, painting pumpkins made me feel like a child again and it was a very fun and relaxing time!




Walking through the maze, we were as concerned about the quality of our photos for Instagram as we were trying to maneuver the maze. It actually wasn’t that hard to find our way through the maze. Caroline is #goals.




As we reached the end of our visit, the sun was beginning to go down, so we enjoyed the sunset while resting on this wooden swing hanging from a tree.




As I cross one thing after another off my bucket list of things to do before I leave Austin, I am realizing how imminent the move really is. School will soon be over in two weeks, and I will be on to the next phase of life. This day made me appreciate the youthfulness of my college experiences and I hope to make the most of the coming weeks.



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